Circle 3.0 Pre-Alpha Test Port UP (intermittently)

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 04/09/94

Hey guys -

I wasn't planning on porting the Circle code from my development machine
(my linux box at home) to the test bed (the Suns in the computer science
department) until it was really done, but through the magic of Linux
and Term (a cool new program I just got working), I'm going to
intermittently be making a test port available.

The MUD is actually running on my PC at home, but the link is just
a serial line so it will probably be very laggy.

You probably won't see a whole lot of new stuff -- 90% of the changes
are "under-the-hood" changes.  (The underlying code is a *LOT* cleaner.)
And, I have kept aliases and OLC out of this release until I am sure
the rest of the code is stable.

So, the main point of this test port is to ensure that I haven't made
any typos or thinkos in making the underlying code changes for the MUD.

Once I'm satisfied that the test port is stable and relatively bug-free,
I will add in the more 'advanced' features such as aliases and OLC and
put another alpha port up.  (But this time, on the real test bed.)

The test port is at: 4000

Or, if that doesn't work, try: 4000

Right now it's on galileo, but I'm going to try to change it to circle
for nostalgic reasons. :)

Have fun!  Test hard.  Use the 'bug' and 'typo' commands liberally
(but try and lay off the 'idea' command ;-)).


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