Re: Circle 3.0 SPELL LIST -- Please Read (fwd)

From: VampLestat (
Date: 04/09/94

> After seeing all of the debate over spells, it makes me wonder whether or not
> they should be added at all.  Everyone is going to have their own ideas for
> what should and should not be added, and I think that game balance is going
> to need to be investigated. 

I think the spells should be added and we can let future imps remove them 
if they dont like them.  They will still need to be balanced, but I think 
that can be done on the test mud when Jer puts it up, and by them imps on 
their own versions of Circle.  Each mud will form its own balance.

> Also, if you're going to add spells, fighters
> and thieves should probably get more skills.

I think they should have more skills/spells, but I dont think we should 
get into the SillyMUD-complex where we have tons and tons of neato 
additions.  I'd hope that Circle remains a very portable, very bug free 
source of diku code with the "old diku" atmosphere.

What "shouldand shouldn't" go in are all opinion and speculation though.  
Its Jeremy's code and he'll  implement what ever he feels like putting 
in.  I'm just hoping abeta version is out soon and I'll do what I can to 
help speed it along.

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