Circle on a PC?

From: Steppin' Razor (
Date: 04/11/94

Hhmm... been on this mailing list since the start and have never sent anything
in, so forgive me if I sent this to the wrong address, etc. I've been doing a
lot of area writing for 2.2, and want a way to go poke around in that world,
but the admin types at my school won't even let me put the damn thing up for
more than five minutes on my unix account on the school machines... SO. Is there
any way for me to get the sucker running on my little IBM 386? I know this is
a bit of an odd question, and I also know that I won't be able to have anybody
connect to it, etc. That isn't my intention; I just want to run it for myself.
Do I need to be running something other than DOS? If this is possible, can 
someone reply and give me a play-by-play? Thanks for yer help, and please
pardon my somewhat obvious technical ignorance.

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