Cleric Spell Revision stuff... (fwd)

From: Jeff (
Date: 04/11/94

Danhiel Baker <> writes:
> 1 Armor
> 3 Armor


> 13 Calm             { Is this just cast on the room, or on specific ppl? }

Probably only on mobs/pcs that are of lower/equal level (whether it's 
specific or not).

> 14 Dispel Evil      { See the Protection spells above... Dispelling your
> 14 Dispel Good        own align should be BAD or impossible...}

Currently, dispel evil hits the caster if the caster is evil.  I'm not sure
about good (haven't tested this case on the alpha)

> 17 Cause Crit       { I think that Good casting this against good should lose
> 		      some align - like 100 points/cast }

Then shouldn't evil against evil gain 100?  I think it'd be a lot more 
effective if we just rewrote the alignment system, rather than putting 
modifiers on spells.  Otherwise, I see lightning bolts and bashes and 
backstabs as needing alignment changes as well.

> 21 Earthquake

This is a bit high... clerics don't get damage spells until really high levels,
making them much weaker to play early on.  Earthquake is a pretty wimpy spell.

> 22 Group Recall

I'm not so sure about this one... is this suggesting that you have to have
AFF_GROUP, and be in the same group?  If not, I see some real abuse.

> 24 Negate Sanct

As was discussed earlier, I think this is a bad idea.  If a mob has sanc, it's
probably for a good reason.

By looking at the list, I see some duplications (locate object and infravision
for example)  I'm not sure how good of an idea this is... 


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