Cleric Spell Revision stuff...

From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 04/11/94

	Ok, like I said in that last bit, I really don't think that Mages
should get "Waterwalk", since they get Fly...
New names for the 'Group blah' spells will be coming later, if I can think
of any... having to: Cast 'group ??' everytime could get to be a hassle. At
LEAST a new name for Group Recall would be nice.  
Note that now a cleric can "cure" something before they can effect someone
with it - ie, they learn cure blindness before blindness, etc.  Also, the
Protection from <align> and Dispel <align> are reached at the same levels
regardless of the specific Align being affected.  I agree with whomever it
was that stressed that it be difficult to change align - preferably, it will
be more difficult with level, as a player 'becomes set in their ways'.  I'm
sure that someone suggested a way to do this effectively before , so if they
will just repeat it.. :)

1 Armor
1 Detect Align       { Does the caster see ALL aligns ALL the time, or just
		       opposite align, or just when looking at the char/MOB?}

2 Detect Magic
2 Create Water

3 Armor
3 Create Food

4 Awaken
4 Detect Poison

5 Bless
5 Detect Invis

6 Sense Life
6 Cure Blindness

7 Waterwalk         { When it runs out, do they drown if over water? }
7 Cure Serious

8 Blindness
8 Infravision       { Self only?  I think maybe it oughta be... }

9 Prot from Evil    { SELF ONLY! You should not be able to be protected from
9 Prot from Good      your current align!  It should 'run out' in such cases,
		      just as if the spell had run out over time.  Just add
		      an extra check before causing the 'effect' of the Prot.}
10 Summon
10 Remove Poison

11 Word of Recall
11 Remove Curse

12 Locate Object
12 Poison

13 Cure Crit
13 Calm             { Is this just cast on the room, or on specific ppl? }

14 Dispel Evil      { See the Protection spells above... Dispelling your
14 Dispel Good        own align should be BAD or impossible...}

15 Remove Curse
15 Call Lightning

16 Rejuv
16 Group Armor      { New name for this... }

17 Curse
17 Cause Crit       { I think that Good casting this against good should lose
		      some align - like 100 points/cast }
18 Sanct
18 Group IR

19 Heal

20 Dispel Magic     { should include invis objects... }

21 Earthquake

22 Group Recall

23 Harm             { See Cause Crit about align loses }

24 Negate Sanct

25 Full Heal        { Include movement maybe? }


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