Re: Setting up Linux on a PC

From: VampLestat (
Date: 04/14/94

On Thu, 14 Apr 1994 wrote:

> 	Sorry to bother everyone with this, but I know of no other way :(.

Read the comp.os.linux.* newsgroups
Read the linux faq (ftp
Join a linux mailing list (read said faq for address)

> I've made this letter as short as possible
> so that those who can't help can delete it ASAP.  Thank you very much in
> advance, and again I apologize to those people who cannot (or will not) help
> me.

Please, this is not a linux mailing list, but a circlemud mailinglist.  
Despite your many apologies, its doesnt change the fact that its is not 
the appropriate forum for this, and there are MANY and BETTER places for 
you to gethelp with linux.  Please dont ask here.

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