Re: Setting up Linux on a PC

From: Mud Administrator (
Date: 04/14/94

ftp to
cd pub/Linux/distributions/slackware
get the README!
You're set :)
seriously thouhg. if you download the slackware bacpkage,
it will tell you exaactly what you need to do.
basically it entails getting colortty.tgz, scsinet.tgz
gunzip and rawrite,
you gunzip the files under dos, then rawrite them to disk.
then, you can boot with those disks, and use fdisk on there
to creat a partition.
the slackware distribution is very well documented, and will giv eyou all
the information you need.
if you need more, download the howto's
in pub/Linux/docs/howto
or look for the faq in comp.os.linux.xxxx
if you have any more problems, email me directly at

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