gold command..and exp command

From: The Chronicler (
Date: 04/16/94

>Hi... just wanted advice on how to add a gold command to tell the character
>how much gold they have on them... Seemed pretty straight forward to me;
>add something like do_gold to the ACMD and COMMANDO lists, and put do_gold
>itself in interpreter.c, but I dunno... This is my first time doing this sort
>of thing, so I'm bound to mess up. It does seem to me that the command itself
>is parsing fine, just not giving any output... maybe the format of my function
>is forgetting something. All I did was sprintf (buf, "%sYou have %d gold coins.
>\n\r", buf, GET_GOLD(ch));
>any suggestions?

i added a simple gold and experience command
something like this if i remember correctly
 sprintf(buf, "You have %d golden lions on your person.\n\r", GET_GOLD(ch));
 send_to_char(buf, ch);

i also added an experience that tells you two things, exp you have, and exp to

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