Problem with area installation

From: Jo Harper (
Date: 04/16/94

Hey.  I'm having a problem with installing my newly made 75.* files.  All
of my entries and everything are o.k., except for my wld files.  I get
a weird error:

autoscript starting game Sat Apr 16 22:58:16 PDT 1994
Sat Apr 16 22:58:16 :: Running game on port 4000.
Sat Apr 16 22:58:16 :: Using lib as data directory.
Sat Apr 16 22:58:16 :: Signal trapping.
Sat Apr 16 22:58:16 :: Opening mother connection.
Sat Apr 16 22:58:16 :: Boot db -- BEGIN.
Sat Apr 16 22:58:16 :: Resetting the game time:
Sat Apr 16 22:58:16 ::    Current Gametime: 18H 29D 8M 108Y.
Sat Apr 16 22:58:16 :: Reading news, credits, help, bground, info & motds.
Sat Apr 16 22:58:16 :: Opening help file.
Sat Apr 16 22:58:17 :: Loading zone table.
Sat Apr 16 22:58:17 :: Loading rooms.
Room nr 799 is below zone 21.

I have no understanding of the above...  "Room nr"...

My area uses rooms 7500+, and it was installed into 60.are like this...

A Road Through the Plains~
   You are on a dust covered east-west road crossing the grassy plains between
Midgaard the forest of Haon-Dor. An occasional hunter or adventurer can be
seen, heading to or from the forest. To the east is the walled city, Midgaard,
and to the west the road continues towards a large forest.
60 4 2
0 -1 7500

I don't know if those tildes' went in there, (am using the standard 'mail'

Everything appears to be okay codewise...  I've checked the docs, and I
really am boggled why something with room 799 is crashing my MUD.
I would really appreciate your help.  Thanks!  :)

			A boggled area-coder,

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