Re: prompts question

From: Rune H. Skogseide (
Date: 04/18/94

On Sun, 17 Apr 1994, Steppin' Razor wrote:

> Admittedly somewhat inspired by the last code update before JediMarble went down,
> I added an option to my Circle 2.2 where you could display game time at the
> prompt line... problem: I get output more or less like the following ---
> 12 o'clock m
> I think this has to do with the fact that I'm not really clear on what is really
> a basic C programming thing... the % method of sticking things into yer print
> output... I had put "%s %d o'clock %m", prompt, followed by something copied
> directy from ACMD(do_time) that looks like it should stick the hour in the %d
> and pm or am in the %m... now yes I am more or less totally unversed in C, so
> if it's something basic like some reason I just can't use %m, then just let me
> know without making me feel too stupid :)
> Nino
> aka Steppin, who has had a lot of luck the last few days programming in a language
> he knows nothing about...

In C there is no such thing as %m.
%s is used for strings and %d is used for integers(numbers)

so you must use the %s to print out AM or PM


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