From: Steppin' Razor (grruffin@midway.uchicago.edu)
Date: 04/21/94

Curious to hear if anybody's implemented hometowns on circle. I'll tell you what
I've done and then you can tell me what I've left out. First and obviously 
enough, set up the menu options for it in (I think it's) interpreter.c...
You need to define yer CON_..., which you do in structs.h.... In config.c you
need to add something like sh_int mortal_start_room_two and _three and set
numbers for them, as well as r_mortal_start_room_two and _three in db.c,
and add those options in check_start_rooms... Then finally in interpreter.c
w/ case CON_SLCT you put in the additional options for where to load the
Have I left anything out?! Obviously if something's wrong with the actual format
of what I've added, you'd have no way of knowing, but you could point out if I've
ignored something obvious... The hometown bit simply isn't set by the game; 
every player loads in at 3001... <sigh>
Help, if ya can :)

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