From: The Chronicler (
Date: 04/21/94

i hate to post here and sound like an idiot...but my mud is crashing left
and right.

The code works fine.  On my machine (where i cant run muds) we had people log
in, and its currently been up for 22+ hours.  

Now about a week ago i got a site.  For four days it worked fine, but now,
starting about a day or two ago, its crashing massivly.  It wont write to the
syslog, seems "cant open syslog"  so i commented log() figuring somehow the
syslog was causing crashes.  Still got the problems.  Next I commented out all
the fgrep in autorun, but it still crashes.   

This is on ultrix 4.2a, on various DEC workstations.  When i compile i get
warnings about localtime, and conversion errors.  Does this have something to
do with it?  I realize im giving a minimal ammount of information, but i have
no clue, sort of like the site died.


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