Was: Imm probs -> guilds

Date: 09/08/94

> Exactly.  And for those of you saying "but a cleric should never be able 
> to join a thief guild", that is covered in the guild rules (if guilds are 
> coded correctly).

Ofcourse, even healers may want to join a thief clan. As I see it, those
standaards guilds are nice, but the additional guilds would be nicer when
there is a possibility for players to join and thereby not be banned from
the standaards guilds. For example, you could have some mafia guild, a secret organization, who every player could join. Isn't it so that rl clans, mafia even have accountants, doctors etc. in there family even if there are not a thief.  
> My vision of guilds is more as a more dynamic replacement for classes.  
> Restricting membership based on level, and creating a virtual family is 
> what I usually refer to as clans.  Guild can get quite large when they 
> replace classes.  Even if you have twenty guilds, the classic ones 
> (swordsman, cleric, mage and thief) always have a lot of members.  

Well, I personally thought about keeping the standaard guild, I don't even
consider them as guild because you only come and practice there and read some mail. I merely see them as a practice yard where someone, 'the guildmaster', teaches you specific things of a certain class.

I think a warrior is a warrior because he has some skill of fighting which is higher then a normal person. But still this warrior can have evil thoughts, and join a thief guild. Personally I don't mind a warrior helping to bash off some merchantmen (who just got robbed by me) chasing me trough narrow streets *wink*. 
Even magicusers or clerics could help a lot when your planning a big sneakin..sneakout...operation on some nice castle filled with goodies.
The guild in my vision is something....mmmm...where everyone can join, see it asa hobby *humpf*. Ofcourse joining more guilds of this type of guild will have you banned out of other guilds, as you said (depends on the rules of that guild), but I would like them not to be banneble! out of the standaard guild.

But to be back on the immortal issue, some type of guilds which have restrictions could add a lot of playfun for those level 30 who don't want to immort or
'to be immorts' who didn't get a blessing from the gods to become immortal.  

> It is sometimes nice to have a group of players form a clan (I'll stick 
> to calling it a clan to distinguish it from my idea of guilds.)  Many of 
> you have probably already seen players put things like [ROSE] or [BLADE] 
> or something in their title.  What I have decided to do is handle clans 
> this way:
> 1.  Putting the clan into your title makes it an unofficial clan, and 
> thus pretty much meaningless.

Couldn't agree more, those clan names in title are too obvious. Everyone
can see to what clan you belong so secret clans cannot exist this way.

> 2.  To make a clan official, it must be sponsored by a God.

mmmm... this means that you must have a lot of gods, playing different aligns, when you want a lot of clans. I think it is not needed for a god to bless a clan, it would add some fame if you have such a good class that it _will_ get sponsored by a god ;)


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