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From: Matt Read (mjr@doc.ic.ac.uk)
Date: 04/24/94

  I've got a problem with some code in Circle 2.2. I'm adding sub-guilds
for lev 50s to join. I've coded the join and gain commands for these sub-guilds
with no problems at all BUT I need spec_procs to deal with practising at these
sub-guilds. Rather than code each one seperately (there could be a lot of them)
I want to do a spec_proc which deals with all of them. My problem is that I
can't work out how the spec_proc might know which of the guild masters it is
controlling at any one time. For example:
     A mort goes into the healer's guild room. He is level 5 samurai and
	lev 3 healer.
     He types prac and SHOULD get a list of spells that he can learn at lev 3
  To do this however this spec_proc needs to know that it is dealing with the
healer and not the samurai guild master. The only way I can think of doing it
is to check all the sub-guilds that the mort is a member of and give him info
on all the spells he can learn...but that's no good.

  I probably haven't explain this very well, mail me or talk to me online 
	if you want more info...
		Thanks, Free @ 4000

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