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From: Jeff (
Date: 04/24/94

>   I've got a problem with some code in Circle 2.2. I'm adding sub-guilds
> for lev 50s to join. I've coded the join and gain commands for these sub-guilds
> with no problems at all BUT I need spec_procs to deal with practising at these
> sub-guilds. Rather than code each one seperately (there could be a lot of them)
> I want to do a spec_proc which deals with all of them. My problem is that I
> can't work out how the spec_proc might know which of the guild masters it is
> controlling at any one time. For example:
>      A mort goes into the healer's guild room. He is level 5 samurai and
> 	lev 3 healer.
>      He types prac and SHOULD get a list of spells that he can learn at lev 3
> 	healer.
>   To do this however this spec_proc needs to know that it is dealing with the
> healer and not the samurai guild master. The only way I can think of doing it
> is to check all the sub-guilds that the mort is a member of and give him info
> on all the spells he can learn...but that's no good.

We had a similar problem on DisasterMUD.  We didn't like the feature that Diku
has that allows you to practice in any guild, should you kill the guild guards.
So we went into the mob files, and gave every guildmaster another keyword
based on the class of the guild.  We decided to use the class abbreviation
list for our keywords, so that when the player goes to practice we could have
the spec_proc run through the list ("Mu", "Cl", "Wa", "Th") and for any 
matches, list the spells/skills of that class.  If there were no matches,
the guildmaster told the character to scram, and go practice in their own


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