Mud Government

From: Michael J. Walter (
Date: 04/24/94

Hello all,
       I am presently waiting for circle 3
so I can start implementing a mud *wink jeremy*
Anyway, I have been immortal on quite a few muds.
And, I have yet to see a good system by which 
immortals can be governed on a mud.  Lemme
     Especially when you are heavily modifying
code and adding all new zones as I intend to do.
You tend to have at least 29 people all trying to
do their own thing.  Someone has to log what they
are doing and make sure it all fits.  You have to 
find a balance in between making sure certain tasks
get done, and letting people use their creativity.
The last mud I was on did this with a system of 5 
councils of immortals.  But, it took so long for a 
council to meet and vote on something that nothing
ever got done.  I am presently letting four immortals
be in charge.  One in charge of code, one in charge
of building areas, one in charge of administration,
and one in charge of quests.  And, the rest of the 
immortals can do anything they want provided they check
in with the appropriate immortal in charge.  I was
just wondering however, if anyone has come up with 
a smoother system than this one?  Or has any ideas
to improve it.  Mail to me or post, but don't do
both ;)   Thanks in advance,


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