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Date: 04/24/94

On Sun, 24 Apr 1994, Michael J. Walter wrote:

> And, I have yet to see a good system by which 
> immortals can be governed on a mud.  Lemme

I thnk is probably easiest for one person to "do it all", or atleast 
server as the coder and final authority for all decisions.  It tends to 
be a fast burnout position, but it make the decision process faster, 
things get done, and they can be better organized.

Certainly not democratic, but then I dont think Democratic govts work 
well in a mud enviornment.  Players have no "rights".

>      Especially when you are heavily modifying
> code and adding all new zones as I intend to do.
> You tend to have at least 29 people all trying to
> do their own thing.  Someone has to log what they
> are doing and make sure it all fits.

I think a system where there is VERY tight control on who can immort, and 
what they can do is best.  One mud I was on ahd threee implementors.  One 
in charge of coding, one in charge of areas, and one to police the mud.  
As long as everyon does their jobs, your ok.

You need a good working relationship with those in control, and I think 
thats difficult with too many people.

I think you might get some good responses to this thread on rgm.diku, 
though its been hashed over a number of times. 

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