Re: Need help adding levels

From: Mud Administrator (
Date: 04/28/94

> I had tons of problems adding new levels, too..
> I added a 40 level system..
> Most of it is simply changing the titles struct and other structs and making
> SURE you don't have one title with more xp than the next..
> It could be that the xp has one extra 0 for level 53 or.. maybe you have
> forgotten to change all of the declarations in the OTHER circle files from:
> extern struct title_type titles[4][35];
> to:
> extern struct title_type titles[4][##];
> hope this helps..
> l8er

I did forget to change the extern structs; I have fixed them now, but I still 
have one problem

The Clerics and Magic Users adv fine.  However, the Warriors and Thiefs will
go up to 55.  If I try to adv them to 56, they go up to 57, with all titles,

I looked at the constants and there are no exp levels lower than previous ones,
but still the problem.

Also, the titles of Warriors and Thieves are screwed.  Instead of getting
a title of "the Implementator" at 57, they get some screwed-up stuff 
(control characters) that cause a "beep" whenever you see the title (like
if you do a who or walk into a room).  It only happens to Warriors and Thieves.

Does the adv command actually add exp to the char to advance them?  Or does it
just adv them to the level specified.  I think it is the latter, since I seem
to recall the do_advance code had a "gain_regardless" in it.  Or maybe a bug
with it?

Any more suggestions?

And thanks for all the help so far...


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