Re: Need help adding levels

From: Scott Maiorca (
Date: 04/29/94

Sorry if this is a repost, my mailer is flakey, !flame.

Ok when 3.0 comes out, it will hopefully include this feature.  Instead 
of hard coding all the levels, use a define for max_levels much like 
LEVEL_IMMORT, ect..  I have fixed the levels structures on two muds now, 
with little problem (advance does seem a bit strange :).  Grep for all 
occurances of 34 and 33 in the files.  They are your max levels.  I set 
defines for Level_Imp and Max_levels and replaced all hard coded 
occurances of 33 and 34 (there may be one or two that you actually have 
to leave alone don't remember heh heh heh so read the code in that 
area).  Then replace with your new defines.  This way should you at a 
latter date decide that you want more or less levels you need only change 
your defines in structs.h (I believe that is where there were :P).  Also 
remember that with your new level system.  Unless you wanna redo the 
pfile, you should not change the level for advance until you have moved 
impl to max_level for your system, otherwise, you will not be able to 
advance yourself to the new levels.  Hope this helps.

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