Need help adding levels

From: Mud Administrator (
Date: 04/27/94

Ok, so we changed our circle code (currently Circle 2.11) to make it a 54
level MUD (50 mortal, 4 immort).  However we are experiencing some problems.

It seems that there is no level 53, as if you advance a char to 53, he 
actually gets advanced to 54.  I think you can adv to 53 from 52 if you 
kill things to get there, but I'm not sure.

I also tried to add some more immort levels and make the MUD a 57 level MUD,
with 7 immort levels (got the idea from sleepy  :> ).  However, when I added
all the new level shit (titles and so forth), and then booted the MUD, the 
first char on (who should be imp) was imp as far as level and powers, but
his title was no correct.  Any ohter chars I brought on (except mages) also
came on with the wrong title.  They should start out with the level 1 title, 
but they usually started out with one of the 7 immort titles.  This meant that
if a char came on with the #5 immort title (and if stated, he showed that he
was level 1) and I typed adv <char> 2 he advanced 57 levels to become an 

So what could be causing this? What exactly do I have to do to add additional
levels to the MUD?  Could it be that our exp requirements are too high? 
(Right now, immortality comes at 1,000,000,000 exp)

Any suggestions?

AbsolutMUD (Where we now know the importance of FREQUENT backups)

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