Some modifications to mob_defender

From: Roy Roberts (rroberts@sugar.NeoSoft.COM)
Date: 05/02/94

In the mob_defender code, if you are planning on revamping it for your
mud, and add it to normal flags, then i suggest the following change to
the purge_pet routine.  Currently, if a pet is attacking a ATK_PET mob, it
will purge the WHOLE ROOM of pets other than itself.  This means you could 
never "double up" these mobs.  My personal suggestion would be to modify the
destruction part to check to see if the NPC in question is actually fighting
the pet-purging mob or not, and if not, pass it by and check the next one.
This way, only the mobs that are attacking the purge mob are killed off.

(A problem at Jedi used to be people scaring, suggesting, otherwise making
purge-mobs move into a room where a rather large mob was, and the little purge
mob would purge the big nasty mob easy, allowing the players to just pick up
eq off the ground.)


(All in all, a good idea. :)

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