Re: Backstab-flee

From: Scott Maiorca (
Date: 05/02/94

Type ftping to under pub/CircleMUD/submmisions, is rome 
area, included in this zone (which is a standard zone) is Jedi's defender 
routine, you can flag your mobiles which you do not want players to 
back/flee with a !flee command, it is once of the procs included.  The 
procedure goes in fairly well.  You will need to make several 
modifications to the code for it to work correctly.  Ours is not 100% 
correct yet :P however the fleeing portion does work.  It is the blocking 
feature which is inop.  But for the most part it is a simple feature, we 
will be splitting the proc into flags for mobs rather than a special 
proc, since they are quite nice.  Included are purge_pets, !flee, 
combat_healing, target_by_class (ie who spells will be cast at, not 
nessisarly the tank), and blocking.  Blocking would require x procedures 
equal to the number of possible directions.  But as a whole, it is a very 
nice section of code, I will post my modifications to it as well as 
detail instructions for implemntation of the flags and procs, to in subbmisions, one we have it working completely.

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