hm! this is reeeeeealy odd
Date: 05/11/94

StrangeMUD crashes often :) And we were having major problems finding out why,
until I figgered out that dbx can be used to run a program while it's
(er, and while it's) being run will track the code for you.

I've found a lot of errors this way. :) 

HOWEVER, there's one error that is defying all my reasoning skills, as I have
no idea what it means. The game doesn't quite crash, as it can be continued...
This is wierd. :) here's the message : 

Write to socket: Broken pipe
signal PIPE (broken pipe) in write at 0xf77322d8
write+8:        bgeu    write+0x30

Also, every once in a while, I get

Write to socket: Operation would block

messages, as well as the few:

Gethostbyaddress: Operation would block messages...

also, there is every once in a while the :

Read1 - ERROR: Connection reset by peer


anyone care to tell me why it's doing this? :)

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