some house code I'm having a problem with
Date: 05/12/94

Okay. I won't bore you guys with all the code, but here's teh synopsis:

I'm trying to make it to where the houses can be read from a text file, so 
I can make any room a house that I choose without having to reboot the MUD.

(YES, I know houses are in in 3.0, but I'm sorry Jeremy you're taking too long.
 :) )

Here's the constants n stuff:

#define MAX_RENTABLES   5
#define MAX_HOUSES    300

struct house_element

EEk...that should be sh_int room;

Okay...what owner is supposed to be is an array of strings, and I've been
having the devil of a time with it. :)

the index in db.c that I'm using is

struct house_element *house_index[MAX_HOUSES];

here's where I'm getting the errors right now:

void house_index_reset(void)
  int i=0,j;
  for (;i < MAX_HOUSES; i++)
    for(j=0; j < MAX_RENTABLES; j++)
      strcpy(house_index[i].owner[j], "None");

where I'm getting the error is at the strcpy part...can anyone help me?
thanks :)

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