Re: hometowns

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 05/31/94

> Heh... I know people are gone for the summer, but there did seem to be a rece
> surge of mail from you guys, so I'll give this one another try. Have any of
> you gotten hometowns successfully implemented? For some reason I can't seem t
> get the game to set the hometown bit correctly. It always comes out as 1.
> Any ideas?

One of the new char initialization routines sets it to 1.  I believe it's
in db.c.  Just take it out and whatever code you're imping to do hometown
setting should work.

  I am working on 3.0 even as we speak.  I am working as fast as I
reasonably can.  I know you've all been very patient and have been waiting
very long, but there are limits on how fast I can work.  So, please, don't
keep asking when it'll be out.  Okay?  Thanks. :)  The code is really
starting to look spectacular.  You're going to love it.


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