Re: so.....

From: Robert A. Vegas (
Date: 05/31/94

On Tue, 31 May 1994, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> anyone still alive out there?
> I'm finally home for the summer, things are looking up a bit, and I'm
> getting ready to go on a massive Circle coding binge.  BTW, someone was
> offering to re-write the shop code.. was it Jeff Fink?  You still out there?
> Danny Baker, are you still alive?  Still haven't seen any new area files from
> you.  Does anyone still read this list? :)
> 3.0,
>   Jeremy
	Oh god... Please tell me 3.0 will be out in a week... I've put 
off basically the whole last semester waiting for this thing to come out. 
I seem to remember it was supposed to be out in the beginning of April? 
Not that I'd wanna rush things too quickly but this is ridiculous... When 
people give a date you usually figure they'll at least SOMEWHAT stick to 
it. So I guess the big question is--how much longer until 3.0 is 
released? I have no intention on giving up on this for the mere fact that 
I've already wasted a lot of time so... If I had known how long this was 
gonna take (FOR REAL) I probably would have stuck with 2.2.

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