Re: so.....

From: Simran R. Kumar (
Date: 05/31/94

>anyone still alive out there?
>I'm finally home for the summer, things are looking up a bit, and I'm
>getting ready to go on a massive Circle coding binge.  BTW, someone was
>offering to re-write the shop code.. was it Jeff Fink?  You still out there?
>Danny Baker, are you still alive?  Still haven't seen any new area files from
>you.  Does anyone still read this list? :)
>  Jeremy
Yeah, we're still here.  We would submit areas, but our structs are
different than normal, and our hit point system is a little different, so
they wouldn't fit with anyone else.

If you need some other help, I may be able to do some minor coding (I'm not
the greatest coder, but I can get some help from Ian).

AbsolutMUD( 4000)

lost yet ANOTHER files system.....*sigh*

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