Quick question.

From: Alexander J Skrabut (skrabut@acsu.buffalo.edu)
Date: 06/08/94

> I've recently started looking at Diku source code, and noticed the MERC2.2
> MOBPROG stuff.  Has anyone made any attempt to port this into the circle2.20
> code?  If not, I'm willing to give it a whirl as the functionality looks very
> useful.
> --JT

I'd preferably code special mob routines in C, since it's faster (IE,
already compiled, not a script language like MOBPROG in Merc). I haven't
tested this new MOBPROG stuff, but since I've been tinkering with Merc
lately trying to figure out which I want more, Merc2.2 or Circle3.0
(probably the latter) it's certainly worth exploring.

Also, a way to expand on the idea of MOBPROG is to allow triggers and
specific commands for individual rooms, like an LP or MUSE.


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