Quick question. (fwd)

From: Jeff (jfink@csugrad.cs.vt.edu)
Date: 06/08/94

jtraub@zso.dec.com (Joseph Traub) writes:
> I've recently started looking at Diku source code, and noticed the MERC2.2
> MOBPROG stuff.  Has anyone made any attempt to port this into the circle2.20
> code?  If not, I'm willing to give it a whirl as the functionality looks very
> useful.

What exactly is its functionality?  Can you give an example of what you
can do with it?  I know that SillyMUD has scripts so that you can get
mobs to go in "circular" patterns.  They'll talk, move, etc through the
script until they get to the end, and then they start over.  Is this
similar to what you're talking about?


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