Re: Quick question. (fwd)
Date: 06/08/94

In message <>  you wrote:
>What exactly is its functionality?  Can you give an example of what you
>can do with it?  I know that SillyMUD has scripts so that you can get
>mobs to go in "circular" patterns.  They'll talk, move, etc through the
>script until they get to the end, and then they start over.  Is this
>similar to what you're talking about?

  I picked up the MOBProg package off of the Merc distribution site.
It basically allows mobs to react to triggers and to interact in various
ways with PC's.  From what I saw it looked like it COULD be quite
powerful, definately more so than just walking a fixed path.
You should check out Merc's dist site and look at it for yourself ;)


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