Circle Alpha Beta Soup!

From: Time has little to do with infiniti and jelly donuts (
Date: 06/13/94

Hi Fellow Campers!

>Bullshit.  I don't believe it.  I haven't given it out to anyone, and I

That's what you'd LIKE us to believe, WOULDN'T YOU???? Don't think
for a second that you're fooling anyone! We all know a conspiracy
when we see one!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA.....

>haven't even put a copy on to any of my on-line accounts so it's not even
>possible for him to have supposedly hacked into my machine and stolen a

Geez, if it isn't the old secure account excuse!!! That's so old,
who'd have thought he'd ACTUALLY use it???

Well, they're coming to give me my medicine now.....but if there
isn't some deep, dark, diabolical plot going on here, then my name
isn't J. Edgar Hoover.


J. Edgar Hoover
President, United States of America

P.S. Jeremy, if you really don't have a copy of Circle 3.0 Alpha,
I'll give you one as soon as I get it. I'd really hate to see
you the last person to receive a copy especially after all the hard
work you put in on it. 

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