Re: Alpha release of 3.0 (fwd)

From: Eric Pilcher (rasta@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: 06/14/94

>> Bullshit.  I don't believe it.  I haven't given it out to anyone, and I
>> haven't even put a copy on to any of my on-line accounts so it's not even
>> possible for him to have supposedly hacked into my machine and stolen a
>> copy.

> Well, my friend has a supposed source where he got it, and I asked him if
> I could also get a copy.. he said 'get back to me in 24 hours, I need to
> clear it with my source.' Are you sure you didn't leave a stray copy of Circle
> lying around on Ren at the time of the hack, Jeremy?
>> Who is this nameless nobody?  What has done or showed you which makes you
>> think he has a copy?
> Well, I'm always badgering him about his internet connection, which keeps
> going up and down and hasn't been stable since the cows left for Detroit.
> But anyway, he mentioned to me that he had it. And I haven't known him to lie,
> but perhaps he is. I'll have to locate him again.

It could be that he ftp'd those v3.0 structs and built off them himself, 
although why he woul want to do that instead of waiting is beyond me.


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