MOBProg patches

From: Joseph Traub (
Date: 06/15/94

Just a note for all of you who might be interested.
I sent the mobprog patches I'd been working on for this past week to Jeremy
this morning, and he has moved them to the submissions dir of
You can all now feel free to pick them up, pound on them, change them, etc.
Have a ball.  I make no gaurentees that the code will work with anything other
than vanilla CircleMUD 2.20 server, or that it will even compiler on anything
other than a dec3100 running Ultrix 4.3 and using gcc version 2.5.7 as the
compiler as that is the environment that I did all the building and testing.

Also take note that all I have done so far is limited functionality testing.
IE: I tried out all the different commands on test mobs and they all did what
I believed they should do.  This does NOT mean that there isn't some weirf
(err wierd) bug lying in wait for the unwary.  There in fact probably IS
such a thing, and all I will promise is that IF you send me a coherent
bug report including the mobprog that you can use to crash it, I will load
it up under a debugger and will try to find out what went wrong and fix it.

I also would like anyone who makes changes to this part of the code to inform
me of changes so that when I or Jeremy adds it to 3.0 Circle, it can be 
the latest and greatest version that gets added.  I don't promise to add
all features sent to me, but I will at least give consideration to why
people might want them.

Basically, I'm agreeing to support this patch as long as people deal with
me on a reasonable and intelligent level.  Sending me a 'My mud crashed'
message and demanding I fix it is probably going to be met with derisive
laughter unless you send me code that reproduces the bug on your server.


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