Re: MOBProg patches

From: Alexander J Skrabut (
Date: 06/15/94

This seems like a very interesting patch.. however.. I'd like to warn all
you people out there that running an interpreted language (the MOBProg
programs) under the CircleMUD server is a nono in my book.

Interpreted languages run much slower than compiled languages. Since C is
compiled, the server is compiled.. the environment does not need to parse
through the code and compile it as it goes along. However, with the
MOBProg code, the server itself has to go through each line of the script
every time an event happens... this is CPU time going out the window, IMHO.

Learn how to doll up the C to look for events, and code your own C events
using spec_proc (for you Circle 2.x people) or by whatever method Jeremy
has written for Circle 3.0. Trust me, your server will run faster than
using the MOBProg.


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