Re: MOBProg patches

From: VampLestat (
Date: 06/15/94

On Wed, 15 Jun 1994, Alexander J Skrabut wrote:

> Interpreted languages run much slower than compiled languages. Since C is
> compiled, the server is compiled.. the environment does not need to parse
> through the code and compile it as it goes along. However, with the
> MOBProg code, the server itself has to go through each line of the script
> every time an event happens... this is CPU time going out the window, IMHO.

You might want to take this topic up on the Merc mailing list.  While I 
see you reasoning, I dont know if it holds true in the "real world".  I 
recall someone on the merc list testing this, and removed the aggr flag 
from all mobs, and then attached an equiv mob prog to make them 
agressive, and he determined that the load went DOWN.

While there might be differences in the Merc code and Circle code that 
might give different results, I think the performance hit is not what you 
might think.  You might bring this topic up with the Merc creators, 
particularly Furry.

> Learn how to doll up the C to look for events, and code your own C events
> using spec_proc (for you Circle 2.x people) or by whatever method Jeremy
> has written for Circle 3.0. Trust me, your server will run faster than
> using the MOBProg.

Possibly, but it makes it much easier to deal with all the special procs 
the area creators seem to want.  I think its easier for me to delegate 
that responsiblity of mob progs than it is for me to write all the spec 
procs myself or try and coordinate it with area builders.

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