From: The Chronicler (
Date: 06/17/94

>This is the 2nd time I've run into a specific combat oriented problem....
>I first tried to code a prompt that returned the condition of the mob
>a PC was fighting during each round of combat. The second thing I did was
>change the immorting system so that a player could not immort simply by
>gaining enough exp, but was sent a message saying he was already at the
>limit for experience, every time he hit anything, which obviously would be
>during combat.
>In both cases, the relevant message would appear some dozen times per each
>round of combat, when I obviously only want it to appear once. The first
>time I asked about this, someone mentioned wait states. Could any of you
>who have any ideas tell me specifically what I should do to keep this from
>Many thanks,
>Nino Ruffini

hmm...i did something like your thing in the gaining exp.  If they were within
1 point of immorting they couldnt get exp and would say "You must perform some
great service to achive godhood".  So whenever it detected an exp
would send this.  This would happen in a few cases.  1. At the end of a battle.
2.  Whenever he hits someone..and only per the hit.

as for your other doing something similar...when i get it to
work..ill forward it to the adding in a clan system...sort of
works...few bugs... (for a religion system wqith worshipping and all
that)..anyone want to be nice and mail me a working clan code :-)


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