Re: Messages during Combat

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 06/17/94

> This is the 2nd time I've run into a specific combat oriented problem....
> I first tried to code a prompt that returned the condition of the mob
> a PC was fighting during each round of combat. The second thing I did was
> change the immorting system so that a player could not immort simply by
> gaining enough exp, but was sent a message saying he was already at the
> limit for experience, every time he hit anything, which obviously would be
> during combat.
> In both cases, the relevant message would appear some dozen times per each
> round of combat, when I obviously only want it to appear once. The first
> time I asked about this, someone mentioned wait states. Could any of you
> who have any ideas tell me specifically what I should do to keep this from
> happening?

For the immort problem, set some flag (i.e. PLR_IMM or something) to
indicate that the player has hit an exp ceiling.  Then, in gain_exp,
don't print the message if PLR_IMM is already set.  Similarly, you can
then make sure PLR_IMM is set before a player is allowed to immort.

As for the prompt problem - it's probably a problem with prompt_mode.
You're probably setting it to 1 when it's supposed to be 0, or something.


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