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From: VampLestat (
Date: 06/17/94

On Fri, 17 Jun 1994, Steppin' Razor wrote:

> This is the 2nd time I've run into a specific combat oriented problem....
> I first tried to code a prompt that returned the condition of the mob
> a PC was fighting during each round of combat.

I accomplished this by creating a player flag to indicate if they wanted 
the condition of the mob they were fighting, along the lines of the ones 
for hp, etc in the current configurable prompt.  Then when they prompt is 
done, I just plugged in acheck for the condition.  Seemed fairly easy.

> The second thing I did was
> change the immorting system so that a player could not immort simply by
> gaining enough exp, but was sent a message saying he was already at the
> limit for experience, every time he hit anything, which obviously would be
> during combat.

I just removed the ability to immort entirely and didnt give a message.  
I figure that by the time a player has reached level 30, they damn well 
better already know my rules on immorting and such.  I just poped a 
message about the rule in the motd, and immort candidates manually as I 
feel they deserve it.

I think I posted all the code for that a long while back... maybe Jer can 
make the archive of the Circle mud mailing list available on his WWW 
page?  :)  ( I think I recall he said he was archiving most all of em...)

  - VampLestat

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