From: The Chronicler (
Date: 06/26/94

well my sysadminws been fooling around with stuff....

nd now...everything compiles to obj but when i want to link them all to the
executable....i get ld:unresolved sigmask (since the muds not running on our
machine...its not as big a problem..but its been where ive been testing cofde) 
couldmanyone with lots of unix skills tell me what sigmask is...and how i could
write a little piece of coe so it wouldnt be unresolved (i checked to make sure
it wasnt my code by trying to recompile the unedited..original circle 2.20

i get the sae problem..

after this can i ahve a nnice shotgun to show an incompetant sysadmin what
users do when he starts messing with gcc....


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