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Date: 06/27/94

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>could anyone with lots of unix skills tell me what sigmask is...and how i
>could write a little piece of coe so it wouldnt be unresolved (i checked to
>make sure it wasnt my code by trying to recompile the unedited..original
>circle 2.20

Sigmask is a library function that set a 'mask' of signals that are to be
meaningful to the process.  It is trivial to write a piece of code so that
you can compile and link, HOWEVER, that stub routine would probably cause
quite a few pieces of the diku code to break (I dunno if Diku uses itimers
or not offhand but if it did, not setting the sigmask could conceivably
cause ticks not to happen or some such).  The correct solution is to go
to your sysadmin, and say ... Unix has a function called sigmask().  After
you did <X>, this function is no longer accessible from the system libraries.
Fix it.

This will hopefully get your sysadmin to fix whatever got broken.

NOTE: it is possible that sigmask() is merely a macro in some system header
file, in which case your sysadmin blew an install of some header file someplace
and that is all that needs to be fixed.


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