Circle 3.0: call for beta-testers

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 06/30/94

Many people have expressed interest in beta-testing Circle 3.0.  However, I
don't want the beta version to be widely distributed -- I'd rather people
use the production version.  (There will be no support or compassion for
people who try to run a real mud with the beta release of 3.0. :-)).
Therefore, I'm going to limit the number of beta copies that go out to
around 10.

If you'd like to be a betatester, please jot down answers to the following
questions and mail it to me at, with a subject
line of exactly: "3.0 Beta-Tester".




1) Briefly describe who you are, where you are, what you are, etc.

2) What type of hardware, operating system, and network connection (if any)
   are you planning on using?

3) Briefly describe your programming, MUD playing, and MUD administration
   skills and experience.

4) Do you have a player base available to you?  In other words, if you
   put a beta copy up, will you have people around to play it?  Will
   YOU have time to devote to it? :)

Mail to: with the subject line "3.0 Beta-Tester".

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