Re: Circle 3.0: call for beta-testers

From: Brett M. Turner (
Date: 06/30/94

On Thu, 30 Jun 1994, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> If you'd like to be a betatester, please jot down answers to the following
> questions and mail it to me at, with a subject
> line of exactly: "3.0 Beta-Tester".

5 Worlds will be going down for 3 weeks for a schedueled conversion 
tonight at 12:00am

We would have 35 captive beta testers at a time.  It will give them and 
me something to do!

> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> 1) Briefly describe who you are, where you are, what you are, etc.

I am system admin at and student at University of Illinois.

> 2) What type of hardware, operating system, and network connection (if any)
>    are you planning on using?

I can test two platforms.. SUNOS and Apollo Domain OS.  The sun is a t3 
and the apollo is a t2 I believe.

> 3) Briefly describe your programming, MUD playing, and MUD administration
>    skills and experience.

I have experience with MERC and I have also worked with Circle, LP 
(Amylaar), and Gama Dikucode.  

> 4) Do you have a player base available to you?  In other words, if you
>    put a beta copy up, will you have people around to play it?  Will
>    YOU have time to devote to it? :)

I will have, and we can talk about how long you want to test.  I can test 
on the Apollo from now until the cows come home.  The machine is idle.  
The test run on the Sun platform can run 3-4 weeks.  I can also provide 
accounts for you so you can tinker with the port as it runs... only if 
you wish it. I know you and what you are about. 

I also will not be making many changes to the code in the test.  I really 
am not looking to 'port' it to my needs.  I think I am too deep into 2.20 
to change.. but I do have a 3200 player base to test on the thing.. Those 
folks are gonna be bored the next 3 weeks.

     Brett M. Turner                          
                  Yaz  -- Five Worlds -- 7777

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