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From: Danhiel Baker (
Date: 06/30/94

| And what about the maps?
|   I don't have enough time to be running around the WHOLE MUD that's a job for
| my IMMO :)

So ask your immorts to do it - or even your experienced players.  Of course,
not every area can be translated to an ascii map (Arachnos, for instance)
so actually getting such maps to you could be difficult.  I know of two map-to-
tiny.wld programs - too bad that the reverse would be such a pain to write!
As usual, I have to agree with VampLestat - exploring it yourself would be
the best thing that you could do - ESPECIALLY if you are the one that adds
areas to the tiny*s.  Trust me, you can get some odd "overlaps" if you don't
know what an area looks like - anyone wonder how a forest, mountains, and a
swamp got squeezed into the space between the dump and the river smack-dab
in the middle of Midgaard?  And ya can't even tell it from the other side of
the river or that loudmouth the Mayor would certainly say something about it,
as much as he bitches and moans ;)  That's a carry-over from Copper I diku's
world, if memory serves me correctly - whomever added that must not have
been dealing with the same concept of space that I'm familiar with...

Anyway, delegate the mapping job if you must -- reward players with a special 
item or title or experience if they do a good job, or even just for trying;
try to get them to start a Scout or Cartographer's Guild, and add a room and
special board for them somewhere.  Or give the job to an interested immortal;
idle hands are the devil's tools, or however that goes... maybe they'll be
inspired to write a better area or clean up bugs and typos they find.  Anything
is better IMO than having Immorts that sit around all day chatting with players
and not actually really _doing_ anything constructive (such as area-building,
bug-hunting, coding, etc).  If they're doing something constructive then you
*probably* will have to worry about them "cheating" less, and thus your other
problem will also diminish...

Good luck!


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