Areas for Grabs

From: Steppin [MOF][DUMF] (
Date: 07/04/94

I've written a lot of areas in standard Circle 2.2 format over the last
half a year or so, and I'm gradually coming to realize that my own MUD
will in all likelihood never have its own site. I'd still like to see
some of my areas get playing time, so I'm posting this list to you guys,
who have been so patient with my silly coding questions during the last
months, to let you guys get first claims if you're interested in having
me mail these areas to you.

Any area that makes use of coding changes not specific to Circle 2.2 is
clearly marked, but feel free to ask for those anyways if you think you
can do the necessary coding or have the time to rearrange the area...

1. Mauldwood: A strictly newbie area, basically a dark forest surrounding
an undead fortress, very low level mobs, interesting exploring.
2. Psychic Storms of Gomar: Basically a transportation area to plug in
lots of random exits to other areas, a la Jedi's Shadow Storm.

Zork-inspired areas:
1. Antharia: a 200+ room area including one major port city, a small port
village, lots of island landscape, an inland village and an army fort. 
Great for all except the lowest level players. Makes use of secondary
directions not in Circle 2.2, although not extensively.
2. Quendoran Royal Army: an area that includes the camp of a beseiging army
and the actual front-lines of that army. Originally designed to be facing
the northern gate of Rome, the area could be plugged in near any city or
3. The Vaults of Seclusion: a dismal area where the player must confront
various mobs designed to embody his greatest passions, hates and fears.

Also, if you want to get rid of Midgaard, I did some cool reworking of the
standard area, turning it in to two separate and fairly unique areas. I also
reworked New Thalos considerably, particularly the palace...

If you're interested in using any of these areas, or just want to hear more
about what I'm talking about, just leave me mail and we'll talk.

Nino Ruffini

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