Re: Areas for Grabs
Date: 07/05/94

In message <>  you wrote:
>I've written a lot of areas in standard Circle 2.2 format over the last
>half a year or so, and I'm gradually coming to realize that my own MUD
>will in all likelihood never have its own site. I'd still like to see
>some of my areas get playing time, so I'm posting this list to you guys,
>who have been so patient with my silly coding questions during the last
>months, to let you guys get first claims if you're interested in having
>me mail these areas to you.
  I'm going to be setting up a MUD shortly (I have a site already) using
the 3.0 code as soon as it's available.  I am looking for people who are
good builders to create unique areas that will only be available on this
particular mud.
  I have already created a new central town for it, but am looking for
other areas so that players have something to start from.   Some or all
of your areas sound good to me, and I'd be interested in them, but not
if they were to become 'common' on other muds as well.


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