From: The Chronicler (
Date: 07/06/94

please respond doing lots of coing for 2.20 (yes no flaMES PLEASE)

anyway..i added mob_mult_hits (obvious) and MOB_ANIMAL so rangers can befriedn i try to add some new spec procs, compile fine..but when i 
try to
put in the numbers for MOB_SPEC and all that it doesnt appear..rechck numbers
about 9 times, with buddies too...also i check on yevaud..there seems to be a
pt (or whatever these numbers you want to call are) discrepency.

now i figure the bitvectors (starting with MOB_SPEC at 1 >> 0) should
go 1..2..4..8..16..32 wtc..but the doc files says it goes1024..2056 i mae it
2048 cause i figured it was a there something im missing...

help jeremy.

or anyone.

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