Re: Keeping track of objects

From: Be (
Date: 07/07/94

On Wed, 6 Jul 1994, GUILD mud account wrote:

> Hey all,
> 	I am interested in adding some legendary objects to the game, which
> is no problem at all. The problem I'm having is keeping track of who has them.
> As far as I can tell the wiz commands do not allow you to go to an object that is in the possesion of a player or a mob. What is another way to find these 
> objects?                          
> 					Thanks,
> 						Elric
Circle does include an outside environment program searchobj or findobj 
or some such, check your src dir it is fairly obvious from the name 
however the name escapes me at this time :P.  The program will look 
though the player rent files and list who is in possesion of the object 
you are searching for :).  You should be able to include this code if you 
wish to the main code with fairly little modification.  I hope this helps.

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