i realize

From: The Chronicler (ACCMCM@vaxc.hofstra.edu)
Date: 07/08/94

ok this is the problem..i have not changed any of the code that relates to mob
flags and stuff except addign a few new ones at end.

but when i try to get a MOB_SPEC to come up...it doesnt.

everything else does....
when i say in the mob files (mob_flags, affections, allignmet)
1, whatever, whatever

and then stat it..instead of SPC, i get ISNPC...i checked the constants.c to
make sure
the strings werent screwed..they were fine.

ALso when i add all ste flag yevud has..and then look at hte mob file itself
(er add the stats sorry...bad terminal)...theres a descrepency of 60-odd

any ideas (all i really want for know is to put SPEC in without copying it from
other mobs...i want to test my specProcs.

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