Another problem with Circle...

From: Anthony Spataro (
Date: 07/08/94

I've never coded with Unix before, so I'm rather lost.  I modified the 
send_to_char function to copy *messg to a 1024-byte string (s) that I 
added as a local var, stripping color codes and replacing them with 
either ANSI codes or just leaving them off, depending on whether or not 
the player ch has ansi (I used the clr macro from screen.h to find out).  
I also added an int and another 12-byte string, into the send_to_char 
function.  It compiles and runs fine, and the color codes work just like 
they should.  But when I type 'help' with no arguments, it gives me a 
segmentation fault and crashes the MUD. Any ideas?  I'm using Linux.

                                            -My horse for a kingdom!

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