Re: Another problem with Circle...

From: Alexander J Skrabut (
Date: 07/08/94

> I've never coded with Unix before, so I'm rather lost.  I modified the 
> send_to_char function to copy *messg to a 1024-byte string (s) that I 
> added as a local var, stripping color codes and replacing them with 
> either ANSI codes or just leaving them off, depending on whether or not 
> the player ch has ansi (I used the clr macro from screen.h to find out).  
> I also added an int and another 12-byte string, into the send_to_char 
> function.  It compiles and runs fine, and the color codes work just like 
> they should.  But when I type 'help' with no arguments, it gives me a 
> segmentation fault and crashes the MUD. Any ideas?  I'm using Linux.
You know, you could try running dbx on the core file to find out what's 
wrong. Asking why a program seg faulted is like asking O.J. Simpson to 
kill his ex-wife. *grin* No, seriously. Run dbx on the core file. It'll 
give you clues on what caused the seg fault.


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